The Dead Sea

I’ll give you the same advice I give after pretty much every trip, GO… before it’s not there anymore.

The Dead Sea is the lowest elevation on land and the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world. However, the water level is dropping by approximately 3 feet a year.

Further, it’s bordered by Jordan to the East and Israel and West Bank to the West and all have announced plans to desalinate portions of the sea to provide fresh water in their respective countries.

Before learning how to swim, I had a huge fear of large bodies of water. After walking through the rocks and salt crystals, I tried to sit in the water and I was afraid all over again.

The water is so buoyant, that you have very little control over your own body. Your body tries to propel to the top. I was able to maintain control standing, but getting all of this junk in my trunk (my behind) to remain seated was impossible.

After watching several people cry out after accidentally getting water in their eyes, while trying to get out or from splashing, the last thing I wanted to do was panic and fall in and get it in my eyes.

I eventually took my own advice and gathered up enough courage to JUST DO IT!

Your body will THANK YOU!

Imagine plunging your body in a tub full of baby oil or mineral oil and epsom salt. After 4 hours in the Dead Sea my fingers and toes still didn’t have the pruning effect, but my skin was baby soft.

It is said to have detoxing and healing effects and was one of the first health resorts (established by Herod the Great). It’s also said that Queen Cleopatra was the first to use it for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

If you don’t want to be a salty b*t€h I strongly suggest the following:

  • Wear flip flops or shower/beach shoes to enter the water or the salt crystals along the salt ledge and rocks will hurt your feet.
  • Wear sunglasses, goggles or some kind of eye protection to avoid getting water in your eyes or the salty water will burn.
  • Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT put your head under water to swim.
  • Bring a water bottle or two with you to flush your eyes if you happen to get water in them.
  • Don’t shave the day of or the day before and if you have open sores or wounds wait until they heal or it will BURN.
  • Bring a few JDs (Jordanian Dollars or Israeli Shekels with you if you want the added experience of covering yourself in mud. It’s equivalent to a face mask which further adds to moisturizing your skin. The resort we went to charged 3 Jordanian Dollars per person, but we heard that it was free at some of the other beaches.

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